Golden West Service Wash Mitt

Golde West Wash Mitt Code # D-3745


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When it comes to choosing the best car wash mitt for cleaning your car there are a number of factors you need to take into consideration. If you are receiving my car car cleaning guides you will know that my first recommendation is to ditch your sponge and replace it with a good quality car wash mitt.

Essentially a good quality car wash mitt will pick up the dirt and grime particles on your paintwork and hold them within the fibres of the mitt and importantly, away from your paintwork. Thus helping remove the potential for them to be dragged across your paintwork, causing fine scratches and swirl marks as you wash. Shipping may take 2-4 business days on stock products.

In some of our products on stock we may offer rush deliver so please:

Wash Mitt Code # D-3745...... $5.00

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Wash Mitt Code # D-3745

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